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New Pilot Project

New Pilot Project

Dr. Kathryn Kreckel to lead new SFB pilot project on "Quantifying the Impact of Feedback in the Milky Way Star-Forming Regions"

Dr. Kathryn Kreckel, who will join the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut as the leader of a new Emmy Noether junior research group on "The Baryon Cycle in Nearby Galaxies" on October 1, 2019, will also join SFB 881 as the leader of a new pilot project. Her project will lead to "quantifying the impact of feedback in Milky Way star-forming regions" and aims at ultimately exploiting the Sloan Digital Sky Survey's new integral field spectrograph "Local Volume Mapper". In her pilot project, Dr. Kreckel will trace kinematic structures within HII regions and supernova remnants in the Milky Way at 1 pc resolution. The ionized gas in these regions provides insight in the physical processes in the local interstellar medium (metallicities, ionization parameters, densities) and in the ionizing sources (young stars, supernovae, evolved stars).

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