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22.11.2022: SFB PI Dr. Kathryn Kreckel obtains an ERC Starting Grant (press release of Heidelberg University)

14.11.2022: SFB PI Dr. Stefan Jordan, as a member of the Gaia Collaboration, is among the awardees of the 2023 Lancelot M. Berkeley - New York Community Prize for Meritorious Work in Astronomy (AAS Press Release)

24.10.2022: SFB PI Dr. Andreas Sander wins one of the Klaus-Georg und Sigrid Hengstberger Awards to organize a symposium on massive stars (ZAH News)

25.08.2022: SFB PI Dr. Nadine Neumayer provides a first glimpse at the high-productivity star factory in the Galactic Center (MPIA News)

13.06.2022: SFB scientists organize a public event for ESA's Gaia Data Release 3 (see also ESA Web Page)

24.05.2022: SFB scientists uncover the bubbly structure of the Galactic gas distribution

23.05.2022: SFB postdoc Mélanie Chevance is awarded funding for a new Emmy Noether Research Group by the German Research Foundation (University web page)

10.05.2022: SFB researchers resolve the controversy about the Sun's chemical composition

04.04.2022: SFB spokesperson Prof. Eva Grebel receives the first Caroline Herschel Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society and the German Astronomical Society (Press release of Heidelberg University)

10.03.2022: SFB scientists uncover the longest star cradle in the Milky Way

20.12.2021: SFB PhD student Jonas Syed finds a gigantic lane of raw material for new stars

01.08.2021: Dr. Andreas Sander (ARI) joins SFB 881 as a new PI

31.03.2021: SFB spokesperson Prof. Eva Grebel elected member of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina

01.01.2021: Dr. Walter Dehnen (ARI) joins SFB 881 as a new PI

12.12.2020: Prof. Saskia Hekker (HITS/LSW) joins SFB 881 as a new PI

07.12.2020: SFB astronomers simulate the gas dynamics and star formation activity in the nuclear ring around the Galactic center

01.12.2020: SFB astronomers participate in ESA's presentation of the "early data release 3" of the Gaia satellite

13.11.2020: SFB astronomers decipher the family tree of the Milky Way (German version)

27.11.2020: SFB postdoc Alessandro Savino wins one of the Ernst Patzer Awards 2020 for his SFB publication on "The age of the Milky Way inner stellar spheroid from RR Lyrae population synthesis" (MPIA web page)

21.10.2020: SFB astronomers reveal the archaeological record of the Milky Way as written by atomic hydrogen

28.09.2020: SFB Astronomers discover a previously unknown population of stars near the centre of the Milky Way

03.09.2020: SFB PI Dr. Maria Bergemann wins an ERC Starting Grant

27.07.2020: The final data release of the SFB-supported RAdial Velocity Experiment (RAVE) with half a million stellar spectra is published

16.06.2020: SFB PI Dr. Nadine Neumayer heads a new Lise Meitner Group at MPIA

03.04.2020: SFB PI Dr. Diederik Kruijssen receives the "Akademiepreis 2020" of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

29.01.2020: SFB PI Dr. Anna Pasquali obtained the university teaching qualification (habilitation) for astronomy

29.11.2019: Graduate student Michael Rugel wins one of the Ernst Patzer Awards 2019 for his SFB publication on "Feedback in W49A diagnosed with radio recombination lines and models"

23.10.2019: SFB PIs Andreas Koch and Andreas Bauswein participate in a Nature paper reporting the first identification of a heavy element created in a neutron star collision (ESO press release)

18.10.2019: SFB PI Anna Pasquali receives the teaching prize of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Heidelberg University

14.10.2019: SFB PI Dr. Annalisa Pillepich wins one of the "Golden Spike" awards for the TNG50 simulation

11.10.2019: SFB PI Prof. Ralf Klessen and colleagues obtain an ERC Synergy Grant to study the Milky Way as a "Galactic ecosystem" (Heidelberg University press release)

01.10.2019: Dr. Kathryn Kreckel, a new Emmy Noether Fellow, joins SFB 881 as the PI of a pilot project

29.08.2019: SFB postdoc István Dékány: New images illuminate the Milky Way's mysterious far side (Discover Magazine)

29.08.2019: SFB postdoc István Dékány: New images illuminate the Milky Way's mysterious far side (

25.06.2019: SFB PI Dr. Maria Bergemann to head a new Lise Meitner Research Group (MPIA press release)

11.06.2019: Hector Fellow Academy Symposium on Galactic archaeology and an interstellar second home (HFA report and recording)

11.06.2019: Hector Fellow Academy Symposium über galaktische Archäologie und einen interstellaren Zweitwohnsitz (Heidelberg University press release)

05/2019: Videoporträt über SFB PI und Hector Fellow Eva Grebel und ihre Forschung zur "Galaktischen Archäologie" veröffentlicht (Hector Fellow Academy)

05/2019: Video portrait of SFB PI and Hector Fellow Eva Grebel and her research on "Galactic Archaeology" released (Hector Fellow Academy)

05.04.2019: SFB PI Prof. Eva Grebel gets a Marsilius Fellowship for interdisciplinary research (Heidelberg University press release)

25.02.2019: Gaia on 3sat: TV-Report with SFB PI Stefan Jordan

04.03.2019: Jede Menge Südhimmel-Spektren: das 4MOST-Konsortium stellt der astronomischen Gemeinschaft seinen Spektrografen vor

04.03.2019: Southern spectra galore: 4MOST consortium presents its facility to the astronomical community

18.02.2019: Tidal Tails – The Beginning Of The End Of An Open Star Cluster

18.02.2019: Sternschweife – der Beginn vom Ende eines offenen Sternhaufens

14.01.2019: Open star clusters live longer than previously assumed (click here for the German version)

30.11.2018: Ernst Patzer Award 2018 - SFB scientist Dr. Mattia Sormani among Patzer Award winners

26.11.2018: Heidelberg University Successful with Two Approvals for Collaborative Research Centres – SFB 881 “The Milky Way System” will be continued

26.11.2018: Universität Heidelberg mit zwei Bewilligungen für Sonderforschungsbereiche erfolgreich – Der SFB „Das Milchstraßensystem“ wird fortgesetzt

26.06.2018: A bright spot in the dark: Gamma and X-rays tell us the story of the Galactic Center

26.06.2018: Ein heller Fleck im Dunkeln: Gamma- und Röntgenstrahlen erzählen die Geschichte des Galaktischen Zentrums

19.06.2018: Neuer offener Sternhaufen entdeckt

19.06.2018: A new compact young moving group around V1062 Scorpii

17.05.2018: Gravitationswellen ausgesendet durch die Verschmelzung schwarzer Löcher im Zentrum der Milchstraße

17.05.2018: Gravitational waves emitted from black holes in the Galactic Centre

25.04.2018: Gaia's erster umfangreicher Sternkatalog veröffentlicht

20.04.2018: Stars Are Born in Loose Groupings

20.04.2018: Sterne entstehen in losen Ansammlungen

26.02.2018: Sterne am Rande der Milchstraße - Kosmische Eindringlinge oder Opfer einer galaktischen Vertreibung?

26.02.2018: Stars Around the Milky Way: Cosmic Space Invaders or Victims of Galactic Eviction?

20.12.2017: Vorstellung der neuen Astrophysik-Briefmarken der Deutschen Post

18.08.2017: Die Milchstraße: Faszination Heimatgalaxie - Öffentliche Vortragsreihe am Haus der Astronomie in Heidelberg

15.08.2017: SFB PI Diederik Kruijssen receives Hengstberger Prize 2017 (IWH News, in German)
                   → Heidelberg University Press Release (in German)

07.08.2017: Warum die Milchstraße immer dicker wird

07.08.2017: The ever-increasing thickness of our home galaxy

14.07.2017: Komplexe Gasbewegung im Zentrum der Milchstraße

05.07.2017: Astronomers identify purest, most massive brown dwarf

05.07.2017: Relikt aus der Frühzeit der Milchstraße

04.07.2017: Abenteuer-Weltraum-Tag: Der Weltraum - Unendliche Weiten in Realität und Fiktion

21.06.2017: Mit dem Internet in die Galaxie: Bunte Wasserstoffwolken und Sternhaufen beim Girls'Day 2017 am Haus der Astronomie

21.06.2017: Per Internet to the Stars: Colorful hydrogen clouds and star clusters at 2017 Girls' Day at HdA

07.06.2017: Biggest ever simulations help uncover the history of the galaxy (Press Release of the Royal Astronomical Society)

07.06.2017: "Auriga"-Projekt enthüllt die Geschichte von Galaxien (HITS Press Release, in German)

01.06.2017: SFB PI Priv.-Doz. Dr. Simon Glover neuer außerplanmäßiger Professor am ZAH / SFB PI Priv.-Doz. Dr. Simon Glover new adjunct professor at the ZAH (ZAH News Release, in German)

15.12.2016: SFB PI Dr. Diederik Kruijssen receives ERC Starting Grant for studying star formation in galaxies (Heidelberg University Press Release)

15.12.2016: SFB PI Dr. Diederik Kruijssen erhält ERC Starting Grant für die Erforschung der Sternentstehung in Galaxien (Pressemitteilung der Universität Heidelberg)

22.11.2016: SFB PI Prof. Joachim Wambsganß receives the Georg Kerschensteiner Prize of the German Physics Society (DPG) for public outreach (Heidelberg University Press Release, in German; German Physics Society Press Release, in German)

23.08.2016: SFB PI Dr. Diederik Kruijssen is awarded an Emmy Noether Junior Research Group by the DFG (Heidelberg University Press Release)

23.08.2016: SFB PI Dr. Diederik Kruijssen erhält Emmy-Noether-Nachwuchsgruppe der DFG (Pressemitteilung der Universität Heidelberg)

25.07.2016: Deep SFB image of interacting Magellanic Clouds becomes ESO Picture of the Week and is featured as NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day

11.07.2016: SFB PI Prof. Volker Springel (HITS & ARI) elected as member of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina (idw Press Release)

11.07.2016: A History of Collisions Between the Magellanic Clouds (AAS Nova research highlight)

07.07.2016: SFB Spokesperson Prof. Eva Grebel (ARI) re-elected as member of the Senate of the German Research Foundation (DFG) (Heidelberg University Press Release)

21.04.2016: Gaia - Teamwork For A Billion Stars: New documentary on how the joint teamwork of more than 400 scientists and engineers will lead to the most precise star catalogue ever. (ZAH News)

23.03.2016: SFB PI Dr. Stefan Jordan organizes workshop on Gaia data use (ZAH News)

11.02.2016: SFB graduate student Teresa Hansen's study of the role of binaries in the enrichment of the early Galactic halo featured as highlight in Astronomy & Astrophysics

10.02.2016: SFB PI Prof. Volker Springel is Highly Cited Researcher (Heidelberg University Press Release)

28.09.2015: “See the Universe as astronomers do” – bringing discoveries about planets, stars, and the Galaxy to the public. (SFB 881 News)

31.08.2015: SFB PI and junior research group leader Dr. Andrea Macciò (MPIA) becomes associate professor at New York University, United Arab Emirates

16.07.2015: SFB PI Dr. Genevieve Parmentier obtained the university teaching qualification (habilitation) for astronomy

08.06.2015: Gaia on Video — Explaining the Gaia mission and its goals through an outreach video (ZAH Press Release)

08.06.2015: Gaia — ein Video für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit erklärt die Gaia-Mission und ihre Ziele (ZAH Press Release in German)

28.05.2015: Shining Message about the End of the Dark Ages (Heidelberg University Press Release)

28.05.2015: Leuchtende Botschaft vom Ende des Dunklen Zeitalters (Heidelberg University Press Release in German)

01.04.2015: Klaus Tschira has died unexpectedly (ZAH Press Release in German)

03.02.2015: Hector Science Award for SFB Spokesperson Prof. Eva Grebel (Heidelberg University Press Release in German)

04.12.2014: SFB member Dr. Stefan Jordan appointed as adjunct professor (ZAH Press Release in German)

01.12.2014: SFB Spokesperson Prof. Eva Grebel honoured with the Delta Lectureship Award (ZAH Press Release in German)

21.11.2014: SFB zur Erforschung des Milchstraßensystems wird seine erfolgreiche Arbeit fortsetzen (Heidelberg University Press Release in German)

21.11.2014: CRC Studying Milky Way System to Continue Its Successful Work (Heidelberg University Press Release)

03.11.2014: SFB members analysis of high-resolution UVES spectra of FGK-type stars featured as highlight in Astronomy & Astrophysics

23.09.2014: SFB Member Dr. Ulrich Bastian receives the Bruno-H.-Bürgel Prize of the German Astronomische Gesellschaft (ZAH Press Release, in German)

08.09.2014: SFB PI Prof. Joachim Wambsganß honored with the Grüter Prize for science popularization (ZAH Press Release in German)

18.09.2014: SFB Spokesperson Eva Grebel honored by Harvard University (ZAH Press Release, German)

27.06.2014: SFB PIs among the most highly cited astronomers worldwide (ZAH Press Release)

08.05.2014: In “Nature”: Galaxies out of a Supercomputer (HITS Press Release)

10.03.2014: A Milky Way Out of the Supercomputer (HITS Press Release)

23.02.2014: Where little galaxies come from: Cosmic collisions between dwarfs (MPIA Press Release)

20.12.2013: Gaia Successfully Launched!  (ZAH Press Release)

28.11.2013: SFB Member Prof. Ralf Klessen Receives ERC Advanced Grant (ZAH Press Release)

30.09.2013: A “Cosmic Weather Balloon” at the Centre of the Milky Way (Heidelberg University Press Release)

25.09.2013: SFB Member Dr. Frank Bigiel Receives the Ludwig Biermann Prize of the German Astronomische Gesellschaft 2013 (Heidelberg University Press Release)

06.09.2012: SFB member Camilla Hansen found new clues on the origin of silver and palladium (Heidelberg University Press Release)

09.07.2013: SFB-Supported Conference "Protostars & Planets" to Take Place in Heidelberg from July 15 - 20, 2013 (MPIA Press Release)

10.05.2013: International Workshop on the "International Virtual Observatory" in Heidelberg, 12 - 17 Mai 2013 (Heidelberg University Press Release)

29.04.2013: SFB Member Dr. Elisabetta Caffau Receives European MERAC Prize 2013 (EAS Press Release)

10.10.2012:  Neuer Supercomputer für Forschung der Heidelberger Astrophysiker (Heidelberg University press release)

19.07.2012: SFB Member Prof. Volker Springel Receives ERC Starting Grant (HITS Press Release)

21.06.2012: SFB PI Dr. Andreas Just appointed as adjunct professor at Heidelberg University (ZAH Press Release)

16.02.2012: SFB Member Dr. Frank Bigiel is awarded an Emmy Noether junior group leader position (ZAH Press Release)

20.12.2011: IMPRS PhD Graduate School of Astronomy Extended (MPIA Press Release)

16.12.2011: Inauguration of the "Haus der Astronomie" (MPIA Press Release)

15.09.2011: SFB-supported Annual Conference of the German Astronomische Gesellschaft to take place in Heidelberg from September 19 to 23, 2011 (Heidelberg University press release)

16.06.2011: Dr. Richard Allison is awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (Heidelberg University Press Release)

18.11.2010:  New Collaborative Research Centre on the Milky Way (Heidelberg University press release)

17.11.2010:  Two New Collaborative Research Centres for Universität Heidelberg (Heidelberg University press release)

17.11.2010:  DFG to Establish Eleven New Collaborative Research Centres (DFG press release)




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