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SFB 881 public lecture series “Astronomie am Sonntagmorgen”


SFB Seminar

Cluster Meeting

Scientific results from the Gaia mission

  • Survival of Dense Star Clusters in the Milky Way System
  • Chemical evolution and nucleosynthesis across the Galaxy
  • Star Clusters around the Milky Way and in the Local Group (Observations, Dynamics, Modelling, Supercomputing)
  • The Multi-Scale Physics of Star Formation and Feedback during Galaxy Formation
  • Gaia Data Workshop
  • Astronomers' Convention


26.02.2018: Sterne am Rande der Milchstraße - Kosmische Eindringlinge oder Opfer einer galaktischen Vertreibung?

26.02.2018: Stars Around the Milky Way: Cosmic Space Invaders or Victims of Galactic Eviction?

20.12.2017: Vorstellung der neuen Astrophysik-Briefmarken der Deutschen Post

18.08.2017: Die Milchstraße: Faszination Heimatgalaxie - Öffentliche Vortragsreihe am Haus der Astronomie in Heidelberg

15.08.2017: SFB PI Diederik Kruijssen receives Hengstberger Prize 2017 (IWH News, in German)
                   → Heidelberg University Press Release (in German)

07.08.2017: Warum die Milchstraße immer dicker wird

07.08.2017: The ever-increasing thickness of our home galaxy

14.07.2017: Komplexe Gasbewegung im Zentrum der Milchstraße

05.07.2017: Astronomers identify purest, most massive brown dwarf

05.07.2017: Relikt aus der Frühzeit der Milchstraße

04.07.2017: Abenteuer-Weltraum-Tag: Der Weltraum - Unendliche Weiten in Realität und Fiktion

21.06.2017: Mit dem Internet in die Galaxie: Bunte Wasserstoffwolken und Sternhaufen beim Girls'Day 2017 am Haus der Astronomie

21.06.2017: Per Internet to the Stars: Colorful hydrogen clouds and star clusters at 2017 Girls' Day at HdA

07.06.2017: Biggest ever simulations help uncover the history of the galaxy (Press Release of the Royal Astronomical Society)

07.06.2017: "Auriga"-Projekt enthüllt die Geschichte von Galaxien (HITS Press Release, in German)

01.06.2017: SFB PI Priv.-Doz. Dr. Simon Glover neuer außerplanmäßiger Professor am ZAH / SFB PI Priv.-Doz. Dr. Simon Glover new adjunct professor at the ZAH (ZAH News Release, in German)

15.12.2016: SFB PI Dr. Diederik Kruijssen receives ERC Starting Grant for studying star formation in galaxies (Heidelberg University Press Release)

15.12.2016: SFB PI Dr. Diederik Kruijssen erhält ERC Starting Grant für die Erforschung der Sternentstehung in Galaxien (Pressemitteilung der Universität Heidelberg)

22.11.2016: SFB PI Prof. Joachim Wambsganß receives the Georg Kerschensteiner Prize of the German Physics Society (DPG) for public outreach (Heidelberg University Press Release, in German; German Physics Society Press Release, in German)

23.08.2016: SFB PI Dr. Diederik Kruijssen is awarded an Emmy Noether Junior Research Group by the DFG (Heidelberg University Press Release)

23.08.2016: SFB PI Dr. Diederik Kruijssen erhält Emmy-Noether-Nachwuchsgruppe der DFG (Pressemitteilung der Universität Heidelberg)

25.07.2016: Deep SFB image of interacting Magellanic Clouds becomes ESO Picture of the Week and is featured as NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day

11.07.2016: SFB PI Prof. Volker Springel (HITS & ARI) elected as member of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina (idw Press Release)

11.07.2016: A History of Collisions Between the Magellanic Clouds (AAS Nova research highlight)

07.07.2016: SFB Spokesperson Prof. Eva Grebel (ARI) re-elected as member of the Senate of the German Research Foundation (DFG) (Heidelberg University Press Release)

21.04.2016: Gaia - Teamwork For A Billion Stars: New documentary on how the joint teamwork of more than 400 scientists and engineers will lead to the most precise star catalogue ever. (ZAH News)

23.03.2016: SFB PI Dr. Stefan Jordan organizes workshop on Gaia data use (ZAH News)

11.02.2016: SFB graduate student Teresa Hansen's study of the role of binaries in the enrichment of the early Galactic halo featured as highlight in Astronomy & Astrophysics

10.02.2016: SFB PI Prof. Volker Springel is Highly Cited Researcher (Heidelberg University Press Release)

28.09.2015: “See the Universe as astronomers do” – bringing discoveries about planets, stars, and the Galaxy to the public. (SFB 881 News)

31.08.2015: SFB PI and junior research group leader Dr. Andrea Macciò (MPIA) becomes associate professor at New York University, United Arab Emirates

08.06.2015: Gaia on Video — Explaining the Gaia mission and its goals through an outreach video (ZAH Press Release)

08.06.2015: Gaia — ein Video für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit erklärt die Gaia-Mission und ihre Ziele (ZAH Press Release in German)

28.05.2015: Shining Message about the End of the Dark Ages (Heidelberg University Press Release)

28.05.2015: Leuchtende Botschaft vom Ende des Dunklen Zeitalters (Heidelberg University Press Release in German)

01.04.2015: Klaus Tschira has died unexpectedly (ZAH Press Release in German)

03.02.2015: Hector Science Award for SFB Spokesperson Prof. Eva Grebel (Heidelberg University Press Release in German)

04.12.2014: SFB member Dr. Stefan Jordan appointed as adjunct professor (ZAH Press Release in German)

01.12.2014: SFB Spokesperson Prof. Eva Grebel honoured with the Delta Lectureship Award (ZAH Press Release in German)

21.11.2014: SFB zur Erforschung des Milchstraßensystems wird seine erfolgreiche Arbeit fortsetzen (Heidelberg University Press Release in German)

21.11.2014: CRC Studying Milky Way System to Continue Its Successful Work (Heidelberg University Press Release)

03.11.2014: SFB members analysis of high-resolution UVES spectra of FGK-type stars featured as highlight in Astronomy & Astrophysics

23.09.2014: SFB Member Dr. Ulrich Bastian receives the Bruno-H.-Bürgel Prize of the German Astronomische Gesellschaft (ZAH Press Release, in German)

08.09.2014: SFB PI Prof. Joachim Wambsganß honored with the Grüter Prize for science popularization (ZAH Press Release in German)

18.09.2014: SFB Spokesperson Eva Grebel honored by Harvard University (ZAH Press Release, German)

27.06.2014: SFB PIs among the most highly cited astronomers worldwide (ZAH Press Release)

08.05.2014: In “Nature”: Galaxies out of a Supercomputer (HITS Press Release)

10.03.2014: A Milky Way Out of the Supercomputer (HITS Press Release)

23.02.2014: Where little galaxies come from: Cosmic collisions between dwarfs (MPIA Press Release)

20.12.2013: Gaia Successfully Launched!  (ZAH Press Release)

28.11.2013: SFB Member Prof. Ralf Klessen Receives ERC Advanced Grant (ZAH Press Release)

30.09.2013: A “Cosmic Weather Balloon” at the Centre of the Milky Way (Heidelberg University Press Release)

25.09.2013: SFB Member Dr. Frank Bigiel Receives the Ludwig Biermann Prize of the German Astronomische Gesellschaft 2013 (Heidelberg University Press Release)

06.09.2012: SFB member Camilla Hansen found new clues on the origin of silver and palladium (Heidelberg University Press Release)

09.07.2013: SFB-Supported Conference "Protostars & Planets" to Take Place in Heidelberg from July 15 - 20, 2013 (MPIA Press Release)

10.05.2013: International Workshop on the "International Virtual Observatory" in Heidelberg, 12 - 17 Mai 2013 (Heidelberg University Press Release)

29.04.2013: SFB Member Dr. Elisabetta Caffau Receives European MERAC Prize 2013 (EAS Press Release)

10.10.2012:  Neuer Supercomputer für Forschung der Heidelberger Astrophysiker (Heidelberg University press release)

19.07.2012: SFB Member Prof. Volker Springel Receives ERC Starting Grant (HITS Press Release)

21.06.2012: SFB PI Dr. Andreas Just appointed as adjunct professor at Heidelberg University (ZAH Press Release)

16.02.2012: SFB Member Dr. Frank Bigiel is awarded an Emmy Noether junior group leader position (ZAH Press Release)

20.12.2011: IMPRS PhD Graduate School of Astronomy Extended (MPIA Press Release)

16.12.2011: Inauguration of the "Haus der Astronomie" (MPIA Press Release)

15.09.2011: SFB-supported Annual Conference of the German Astronomische Gesellschaft to take place in Heidelberg from September 19 to 23, 2011 (Heidelberg University press release)

16.06.2011: Dr. Richard Allison is awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (Heidelberg University Press Release)

18.11.2010:  New Collaborative Research Centre on the Milky Way (Heidelberg University press release)

17.11.2010:  Two New Collaborative Research Centres for Universität Heidelberg (Heidelberg University press release)

17.11.2010:  DFG to Establish Eleven New Collaborative Research Centres (DFG press release)




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