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Subproject A6: Theoretical Chemodynamical Models of the Milky Way

Subproject A6: Theoretical Chemodynamical Models of the Milky Way

Andreas Just (ARI), Volker Springel (HITS/ARI)

Construction of global chemical enrichment models for the Milky Way, based both on detailed semi-analytic models of the star formation history, the kinematic evolution and the chemical  enrichment of disk and halo, as well as on cosmological hydrodynamical simulations of disk formation.

During the first funding period, a sophisticated chemical enrichment model tracking nine chemical elements was implemented in the moving-mesh code AREPO in order to include chemical enrichment in cosmological hydrodynamic simulations of disk galaxies. The simulation results for metallicity trends including enrichment from supernovae of type II and Ia and from asymptotic giant branch stars begin to resemble the observed abundance ratios as a function of metallicity, but a number of discrepancies remain that still need to be addressed. Furthermore, recognizing the shortcomings of existing disk models, a novel iterative approach for the realization of equilibrium N-body systems for given density distributions has been developed in subproject A6, which allows one to produce disk galaxies with realistic velocity distributions. The underlying code will be made publicly available.


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