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Subproject A2: Milky Way Satellites as Cosmological Probes

Subproject A2: Milky Way Satellites as Cosmological Probes

Andreas Just (ARI)

There is a wide range of predictions about the structural properties of the debris of dissolving satellite galaxies. For the interpretation of stellar populations in disk and bulge of the Milky Way it is essential to quantify the amount of stars formed in satellite galaxies and ending-up in the inner Galaxy. In our hybrid approach we combine satellite galaxy populations from cosmological simulations with a high-resolution realization of the Milky Way Galaxy. In a series of numerical simulations we will analyze the spatial distribution of stars originating from satellites and investigate their kinematic properties in order to identify them in observational samples.

Cosmological satellite galaxies become tidally disrupted as a result of pericentre passages through the Milky Way's disc. The stripped dark matter forms tidal streams, while the satellites keep their innermost dense cores intact. Simulated using the SUPERBOX-10 N-body code with initial conditions from the Aq-A-2 cosmological simulation. (Moetazedian et al. 2015)


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