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Subproject B09: Three-dimensional dust mapping of the Milky Way using Gaia

Subproject B09: Three-dimensional dust mapping of the Milky Way using Gaia

Coryn Bailer-Jones (MPIA)

Interstellar dust plays an essential role in the life cycle of stars, as well as in absorbing the light we receive from astronomical sources. Inferring the 3D distribution of this dust in our Galaxy is important for studying both these aspects. Building on work done and published in the first two phases of the SFB, we will extend our non-parametric Bayesian method of mapping dust. Moreover, by using optical and infrared photometry, SDSS-V spectroscopy, and Gaia-DR2/DR3 parallaxes of millions of stars, we will map dust out to several kpc. Our method produces a plausible, continuous distribution even across unobserved lines-of-sight, useful in many applications.


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