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Subproject A09: Definition and Preparation of the 4MOST Galactic Surveys

Subproject A09: Definition and Preparation of the 4MOST Galactic Surveys

Andreas Quirrenbach (LSW), Eva K. Grebel (ARI), Norbert Christlieb (LSW)

4MOST is a major new facility under construction for ESO with strong involvement of LSW and ARI, which will collect high quality spectra of over 40 million stars and 40 million galaxies at resolution R>5000, and of 5 million stars at R~20,000. Starting in 2022, 4MOST will deploy 2436 optical fibers in a 4.1 deg 2 field-of-view to survey the whole Southern sky. We intend to prepare the 4MOST surveys of the Galactic halo, bulge, and Magellanic Clouds by refining their scientific goals and survey strategies, compiling a target data base and developing automated data reduction pipelines for the quantitative analysis of stellar spectra from raw data to derived information such as abundances.


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